If you have experienced a devastating catastrophe — we understand.
We have tasted your grief.

And we're here to provide a safe place to start over.

Because you are more than a widow, a veteran, a divorcée, a deported citizen, the father of a stillborn child, or the victim of a natural disaster.

You are more than your grief. More than your trauma. More than your loss.

You are a whole human being — willing to re-enter the world, and re-discover what brings you alive.

You are a Life Starter.

We're Life Starters, too. And we're building an action-based social network filled with extraordinary peers, volunteer-coaches, and resources & tools that have reignited thousands of
our lives.

This is about breaking the cycle of grief, by training your brain to reward you for bravery, compassion & forward momentum.

It's all coming in summer 2015.

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Let’s start over — together.
Action. Energy. Movement. Joy
It's all inside. Come meet your tribe